The Lumber business for Weymouth, Nova Scotia has a long history. For the Lewis's alone the history goes back to 1950 with Harry Lewis, Stewart's father. Stewart Lewis continued to make history with Lewis Mouldings, beginning as a company that wanted to enhance its sister company, Lewis Sawmill, with value added products. This was not an easy road and only top quality products would help them succeed. Over the years Lewis Mouldings has moved from casket components to clear spruce and pine mouldings to an offering of finger jointed pine mouldings. Lewis Mouldings' willingness to adapt to industry changes has allowed them to be one of the largest added value facilities east of Quebec and the largest user of Eastern White Pine in Nova Scotia.

To help Lewis Mouldings be good stewards of the wood fibre that they process, Lewis Mouldings's has always emphasized the importance of Full Fiber Recovery. To do this, Lewis Mouldings utlizes their dry wood waste for the production of compressed wood briquettes known as Fiber Fuel, sells their bark and green wood waste for Hog Fuel (power), and wood shavings for animal bedding. The dry wood waste is also used as bio mass in their boiler to heat the plant and dry kilns.

Lewis Mouldings has made the conscious decision to produce a consistent high quality product. Our commitment to excellence and quality assurance with timely deliveries has allowed Lewis Mouldings to partner with several large and highly regarded companies. Lewis Mouldings offers large rough cut pieces like rab jambs and flat jambs while using the smaller cuts from these items to produce precision and high grade pieces such as base boards, quarter round and door stop. Lewis Mouldings is committed to being a leader in the Eastern White Pine business and continues to grow its North American market share under the leadership and management of the Lewis family, now led by Jamie Lewis, son of Stewart Lewis.